Revitalizing Skin Care

"Revitalizing Skin Care"



Revitalizing Skin Care or RSC as we like to call it tightens the skin to prevent sagging and is a proven bruise formula also aids in rebuilding thinning skin and stops what causes bruising. This Professional strength treatment is a must for those with Sagging skin or problems brusing.

As our skin ages, changes obviously occur in our skins outward appearance. Most of us as we age are also on some type of Medications than also effects our skin. Our advanced RSC formula is a welcome solution.  Developed with a patented natural Grape Seed extract, & special Olive Oil extract blended and combined with other natural active lipids makes RSC a unique and a one of a kind product.

This unique formula was researched and developed by those in the medical field and has been shown to tighten sagging skin, is a proven bruise treatment and will rebuild thinning or weak skin. Bruises will clear up faster, often in days, while restoring the skins lipids, increasing collagen and elastin. Your skin tone will begin to improve in only a few weeks and will get stronger, healthier and younger looking while age spots will fade  with continued use. Décolletage wrinkles and sagging skin practically disappear as the skin tightens.

RSC is a must for those suffering from "PURPURA" which gives the skin a purple appearance due to the bursting of small blood vessels caused by aging skin, sun damage and the capillaries become thin and susceptible to tears and bruising. RSC provides the proper balance to turn on the skins natural ability to repair itself.

Blended with Pharmacutical ingredients to the exact proportion for maximum results RSC can change your skin and your skins appearance.

  • Size: 6 oz
  • Container: Oval Squeeze Bottle
Revitalizing Skin Care
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